Taipei, Taiwan

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We were in the mini van for about 9 hours now and still trying to find our way to Taipei. The tour agent was quite angry and wanted us to pay for the cost of the hotel in Hualien due to we cancel the trip. We tried to explain to them it was not our fault due to road closed and they had to re book another accommodation for us to stay for tonight. We been asked to pay for the new accommodation plus the existing ones in Hualien.

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Mad with the agent but  we can’t help it as we were stuck in the wildness. When we were at the mountains junction where the road was single car lane. we were stuck at the queue for one  and the half hour before it was our turn to move forward.   I did enjoy these amazing, beautiful vast open land with mountains surroundings around us. There were various waterfall around these mountains as we heard the water crashing against the mountains but not allow to venture any where further due to our car will start moving anytime.

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The driver stop at a temple for us to use the toilet but the scenery around these areas were so wonderful and beautiful. The harsh beauty of the nature so captivating that I am totally fall in love with this primitive part of Taiwan and hope that the government will preserve these parts of wildness for their country which will wow lot of trekkers, hikers, mountaineers and tourists to this part of the country.

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If I have another chance to travel to Taiwan again this place  is  a  must visit on my itinerary. When we drove through the mountains and the sun just bursting from the clouds creating the sun rays on the valley of the mountains where a few houses being build at the valley. I had to beg the driver to stop and let me take some photograph of this scene as it  was hard to get this special  effect where I am at right spot with my camera.

IMG_3359.1IMG_3556.1 IMG_3476.2

Finally we managed to find our new accommodation around 10.00 p.m. and our driver still have to drive out to get some food for our dinner. Happy ending for a bad day.


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