Kite Farm Cottages – Yilan, Taiwan – Flora

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We reached the Kite Farm Cottages at Yilan quite late, the room in the cottage is big and open space with 2 queen beds and 2 queen beds in the attic.  En suite toilet and bathroom and a  balcony.  the room cost around £100/- to £120/- depending on the season of the year.  It is at the outskirt of Yilan but the cottages are very clean and timber frame cottages.

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I woke up early to venture out to see what was in store for us at this resort.  To my surprise, the cottages built on stilted with a lotus ponds, there are a lot of wildlifes in it. The cottages were surrounded with fields  and the main entertainment hall or the hall for our free breakfast has a mini museum on the history of how this resort was started.

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I went around the field and there was a woman plucking the long beans and vegetables and had a chat with her. She told me that she help to run this resort and all the vegetables and fruits planted from here are used to cook into dishes and serve to the tourists staying at the resort.

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I had a great time taking photos of the lotus as the morning lighting just right for the effect and we went for our breakfast at the hall. I have enjoyed myself so much with the dishes, the vegetables were so fresh and can’t help myself and had a few extra round. After our breakfast we didn’t stay long to venture this place as we were on our journey to a different tourist spot.

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For those who want to get away from city life  this resort is the perfect spot for it.  Tourists can rental  bicycles to ride around these beautiful part of Yilan surrounded by rice fields and river. Also there are kites for rental if the tourists want to stay in the resort to enjoy the day. A peaceful and quiet  place for a breakaway and this resort is kinda of hideaway from the main road and it is quite difficult to find. A thumb up for this place.

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