Wu Feng Qi Waterfall -五峰旗瀑布, Yilan, Taiwan


Wu Feng Qi waterfall  (五峰旗瀑布)  is in Yilan County and it is one of the famous tourists attraction in Taiwan.  It is a small waterfall and split into 3 levels. The first level is just a shallow pool where the water cascading down from the waterfall. There were lot of tourists or visitors enjoying themselves in the pool. At the side of this pool there is a platform where tourists or visitors can bring their food and barbeque at the pit.
IMG_3904.1 IMG_3929.1 IMG_3907.1

This park have lot of nature wildlife, the shop selling  the butterflies net catcher as there are lot of various type of butterflies around here. There is a steep stone stair leading to level 2 where we can view the full waterfall from the top.  A beautiful built hut where we can rest our foot and enjoy the beautiful fall in front of us. The waterfall became colorful according to the sun and change of weather.  The water simply change to blue color when the sun hit part of the waterfall.

IMG_3948.1  IMG_3899.1 IMG_3936.1IMG_3943.1

Unfortunately the level 3 was closed to public due to landslip and repair work is being carried out. This park is beautiful, peaceful and soothing with lot of wildlife to enjoy a beautiful day simply relax and cheer out. We stay at this park for about 2 hours and continue our journey to next destination.


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