Beiguan Tidal Park – 北關海潮公園 – Yilan, Taiwan

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We stayed at the hotel in Taipei and our driver will come and fetch us each morning at 8.00 a.m. After visiting the Wu Feng Qi Waterfall, we went to Beiguan Tidal Park – 北關海潮公園 to have our seafood lunch in one of the restaurant. We enjoyed our lunch as the sea food were fresh and well cooked but a bit dear. After our lunch we went to a cafe in the in the park to have some coffee and cake as some of our little friends prefer to sit at the cafe to enjoy the day.

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Beiguan Tidal Park is famous for the rocks and the strong waves tides which came crashing against the rocks without notice.  The sea is deadly but it attract lot of locals to come this park for fishing and there were lot of accidents due to the strong tides and waves which swept unaware local out to the sea.

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Sitting on the rocks and enjoying the the view of the waves crashing against the rocks. The sound of the waves crashing and the beautiful blue sky, I can simply sit on the rocks for the day and enjoying the blue sky and serene view. On our way going back to Taipei and  there was this beautiful sunset coming out of the sky. The sea became red in color and the sea and the mountains look so inviting and majestic beautiful. We simply have to ask the driver to stop the coach for us to take some photos of this beautiful sunset.

IMG_4104.1 IMG_4258.1 IMG_4244.1 IMG_4073.1

Beguan Tidal Park covered a long stretch of coastal road, and would love to walk around these amazing beautiful looking rocks. The sunset is a sights that worth all the effort of 2 to 3 hours drive to view the sunset. This beautiful beach have my full thumb up if you are in Taiwan just make a trip down this beach and it is value for money to just view the sunset at this place. Beiguan Tidal Park is famous for sunset view in Taiwan.

IMG_4350.1 IMG_4274.1

We went back to our hotel and get ready to go  to Shi-men Ting for our dinner as Shi-men Ting is a shopping paradise with lot of big shopping center and night markets which open till very late. Shi-men Ting is just a few streets away from our hotel where we stay so can shop till we drop.

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