Yin Yang Sea – 陰陽海 Taiwan

IMG_4384.1 IMG_4401.1

To view the Yin Yang Sea, our driver drove us up to a mountain top so that we can see the two different colors of the water in the sea.  In general the sea water mostly is blue, but in Shuinandong bay it actually all a mix of yellow and blue daily. That’s really unique and magnificent sight. The formation is due to the massive pyrite contained in Jinguashi mine, accompanied with the plenty of Jinguashi rain. When ground water from the mountains passes the pyrite lode, it results in chemical action to form the golden yellow, sour ore water with the Iron ion contained.

IMG_4388.1 IMG_4403.1

These sour ore water flows through the Huangjin Falls pours into Shuinandong bay. Finally forms the yellow blue interaction sea water just like a contrast between man and women element. Although its color depth and shape can be changed along with the sea water’s washout. The yellow color part deepens immediately as long as it rains.


We do not have a chance to walk around the bay as we can’t see this sight at sea level as we must be uphill to view this amazing sight.


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