Golden Waterfall (黃金瀑布) and Jiufen (九份), Taipei

IMG_4409.1 IMG_4442.1After our trip to see the Yin Yang Sea, we proceed to Golden Waterfall (黃金瀑布). The Golden Waterfall is not a big waterfall but the rock are red rocks when the sun shine on it, it became golden color. The the water from the waterfall taste bitter like the iron mineral. The mines were longer in operation but due to the rain fall on this rocks and a scientific effect cause these rocks became golden color.

IMG_4415.1 IMG_4422.1

The weather was so hot in this place and we didn’t stay long here as the waterfall was board up with wooden walk way for us to view it at a distance..It was not a strong flow from the mountains  and some of the water dripping from the rocks, we can taste the water from there.

IMG_4444.1 _DSC0323.1

We have our lunch at Jiufen (九份) and all the way up to the mountains is only one car lane and the traffic were so busy as there were lot of tourists and locals at these shopping arcade.  We walked into the shopping arcade and it was the same as the road which was one way street leading into the shops.


The shops are famous for the beef noodles and desert and I had desert for my lunch as the desert came with yam and fruits and they are delicious but for the beef noodles the soup was a very thick broth with traditional herb with it. My children don’t enjoy beef noodle due to the chinese herb broth.

IMG_4418 IMG_4463

We walked around this little town and enjoyed the scenic view from the mountains  but we are ready for next destination due to it was overcrowded with tourists.

IMG_4464 IMG_4452


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