Shifen Waterfall -十分大瀑布, Taiwpei, Taiwan

IMG_4495.1 _DSC0347.1

We reached Shifen Waterfall and there is the stairs leading downhill passing a old railway track.  There are lot of wildlife in this nature reserve, the waterfall is not a bit fall but the force of water are amazing powerful. The fall total height about 20 meters long. It is a cascade waterfall in which the water flows in one direction and the rock is sloped in the opposite.

IMG_4499.1 IMG_4520.1 _DSC0353.1 _DSC0358.1

The waterfall is fenced by wooden plank for tourists to view the fall. There is a small pool for the tourists to dip their foots or children to play in this little pool. When we were there a litter of kittens  was at the cafe bar where the staff were looking after them.

IMG_4576.1 IMG_457.12 IMG_4566.1 _DSC0344.1

It is a small reserve with the waterfall and worth a visit and we were on our way to sky Lantern town in Shifen.

IMG_4563.1 IMG_4546.1


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