Yang Ming Shan National Park, Taiwan

IMG_5149.1_edited-1 IMG_4895_edited-2

Our last part of the journey in Taiwan is Yang Ming Shan National Park.  There are lot cherry trees blossom in every February till March and it worth a visit.  There are lot of wild life in this park as we walk into  reserve we saw lot of different wild roam freely in these part of the reserve.

IMG_4957.1  IMG_4961.1

At the visitors’ center we ask the staff for direction of waterfall where we can go into the water to enjoy ourselves than to view the fence up waterfall.  The staff direct us to a small waterfall where they  go for a swim everyday after they finish work. IMG_5135.1 IMG_5090.1  IMG_5124.1IMG_5153.1

Along this track leading to the waterfall there isn’t any tourists and we have the waterfall to ourselves. We been told by the local that the moss on the rocks are poisonous  and we need to wash it away from our skin once we finish soaking in water. IMG_4957.1

IMG_5061.1 IMG_4907.1 IMG_5177.1 IMG_4918.1

The water was so fresh and cool in the hot weather and we soak in the water for 2 hours and  went to the toilet for a shower and change.  We didn’t aware there is a volcano crater that worth all the effort of trekking to the mountains. We were quite happy with our fun with the waterfall even though we miss the volcano  crater. IMG_5144.1  IMG_5026.1 IMG_5006.1_DSC0441.1

This is the last of our trip and we spent the last 3 days shopping and bought of gift and skin care products as they are amazing cheap in Taiwan.  Our this trips were excellent but unfortunately during the last day where the driver ask me to put my camera bag behind the coach and accidentally open the door without checking and my camera bag landed on the floor.One of my camera len was damaged.



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