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My trip to Iceland had been planned and booked one year in advance and never expect things to cop up to spoil my well planned trip.  To start our holiday, my husband booked a car park space near Manchester Airport and it normally take 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach Manchester. On our way to the airport to look for the parking space it took my husband 3 hours and still can’t find the car park. We reach the terminate 1 at 6.30 a.m. where our flight is having the last call and the steward try his best to get us into the plane but it is 1 minute too late.

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The steward took us to Easy Jet to re-arrange for another flight out but didn’t explain to us that we have to pay 3 times more for the one way ticket and we still go back home as the same date as previous. As we have pay and then the staff explain the detail to us.  We now have to book a different ticket for coming back home on a later date.

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Before the start of our this holiday trip, we have to forked out additional 550.00 gbp for the new tickets. We will go to Iceland two days later than planned and have to re-arrange the hotel and car rental in Iceland and car parking space in Manchester Airport. Luckily, all gone smoothly on the second time, and we were in Iceland 2 days later.

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Once we reached the airport, we had to wait for about 60 minutes for our car rental representatives who promised to be at the airport at 9.00 a.m. to meet us but turned up one hour late. After signing all the documents and  we tell him to insurance the screen and additional insurance for any damage or dents for us.  The representatives tried to talk us through and we have no ideas whether he did the insurance for us or not but just pay him the amount that he required.

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It seen the car is not in good condition as when my husband try to drive it the hand brake is not working but one of the staff explain to my husband that this car don’t need the hand brake to stop the car and he must use the brake to stop the car. It seen kind of fishy business going on with these 2 representatives unfortunately, we can’t speak their language so it was hard for us to communicate with them and it kinda of scary whether this company is operating legally or not.

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We have a bit of problem as we try to key in the places name where we want to go onto the navigator but it seen not working as we can’t understand how it work. We spend our 1st day driving around Reykjavik coastal line and hopefully it will lead us to the way to our B&B which we had booked at Skogar Guesthouse. It took us quite a while to find this Guesthouse and we check in quite late instead of the time that required to check in.  The owners are very friendly and we can use the kitchen to cook our meal for dinner even it around 8.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

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My 1st sight of Iceland and simply fall in love with this country with vast lands and few houses. The amazing beautiful landscape are so harsh, vibrant and everywhere you see are beautiful rolling fields and mountains surrounding the vast lands. We didn’t  do much on our first day but simply enjoying the view and sight of the nature beauty of this country. I will wake up early tomorrow to see the surrounding of this place where we stay for the night.


5 thoughts on “Iceland

  1. What a hectic departure! oh gosh ! It’s too bad for manchester parking…. Which car rental company did you use ? Doesn’t sound very professional to let you wait for 60 minutes ! 😦

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