Skogar, Iceland

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We reached the Skogar Guesthouse late in the night but the owners are very friendly and helpful. We told them we totally lost and had been driving around the coastal of Reykjavik a few times. They tell us that the Selfoss Waterfall just 5 minutes drive away from the guesthouse. Told us  the night sky was not clear so no aurora to be see and there is a key on the back door of the guest house if we want to try our luck.

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The guest house is at the foot of the mountains and nearby there is a church and a museum.  As I do not know Iceland language so I am not sure whether the name of the museum is Skogakaffi.  There are iron bridge and wooden bridge in front of the museum and lot of sculptures dotted around the fields.

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Walking around  this little town there are hotels . museum and houses dotted on this little town. Some of the barns and houses were build inside of a small cave.  It look so gorgeous and just like straw houses inside a big rocks. After enjoying my walk. I went back to the guest house for my breakfast. The owner charged us cheaper than I had been quoted online with the The breakfast was simple consist of boiled eggs, hams, salad, cereal and toast.  It was value for money and totally recommend this guest house to anyone going  to visit Iceland.

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It is so rare to see such a huge vast of lands rolling into one another with multicolor of trees, plants and grasses especially at beginning of October and thinking it was Autumn Season, simply don’t know how to express myself just simply fell in love with this wildness.  Totally feel myself so small and lost  in this vast lands and the weather changing so fast that it can be misty and  sunshine in the next second.

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I can’t express myself well but hopefully my photographs will tell a story of its own of this amazing beautiful country.


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