Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland

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Skogafoss Waterfall is just 5 to 10 minutes drive from the Skogar Guesthouse. The morning sun shone on the river creating golden ripples on the lake. Following this river we drove into a country lane we reached the Skogafoss but  the shops and the museum were closed .

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Skógafoss is a waterfall situated on the Skogar River in the south of Iceland at the cliffs of the former coastline. After the coastline had receded seaward (it is now at a distance of about 5 kilometres  from Skogar, the former sea cliffs remained, parallel to the coast over hundreds of kilometres, creating together with some mountains a clear border between the coastal lowlands and the Highland of Iceland.

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 The Skógafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in the country with a width of 25 m  and a drop of 60 m. Due to the amount of spray the waterfall consistently produces, a single or double rainbow is normally visible on sunny days. According to legend, the first Viking settler in the area, Þrasi Þórólfsson, buried a treasure in a cave behind the waterfall. The legend continues that locals found the chest years later, but were only able to grasp the ring on the side of the chest before it disappeared again. The ring was allegedly given to the local church. The old church door ring is now in a museum.
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At the eastern side of the waterfall, a hiking and trekking trail leads up to the pass Fimmvdrouhals between the glaciers Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull.  It goes down to Porsmork on the other side and continues as the famous Laugavegur to Landmannalaugar.


Follow the flisghts of stairs up to the mountains peak where we can view the the head of the water fall into the cliffs. On the platform we can view the town of Skogar .  Once on the top of the mountains there is sign board  showing the track for hiking the highland of Skogar and other national reserve park.

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We spent about 2 hours around this waterfall unfortunately the weather so changeable that a minutes the sky is misty and cloudy and next was bright and shinning. Unfortunately, we are not so lucky to see the rainbow on the waterfall as it didn’t rain. Usually when it rain for a few minutes and when the sun is out, its bring beautiful rainbow on the waterfall.

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To walk near the waterfall and experience the force of the water, we have to wear thick raincoat  as we can walk on the rocky beach to the bottom of the waterfall but we were soaked through.  Our camera also wet through due to the spray from the water are so tremendous and we are so happy to enjoy the fresh and cold of the water.

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It is fantastic landscape and waterfall and most amazingly of all is we don’t have to pay for any entry fee to view this beautiful waterfall. There wasn’t a lot of tourists around and it is such a vast wildness highlands  but not a lot of locals or tourists.  Utterly speechless and hope my photos able to tell the story of this wonderful and powerful waterfall of Skogafoss. Hope through my len and can show my passion and love of this country.


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