Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

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Seljalandsfoss is situated between Selfoss and Skogafoss, where Route 1 (the Ring Road) meets the track going to Porsork.This waterfall of the river Seljalandsa drops 60 m  over the cliffs of the former coastline. For this waterfall  there is a rocking stairs leading to the pathway behind the waterfall.  As we go nearer to the waterfall we were totally soaking wet and had to take special care for our cameras.  My friend has proper trekking shoes where it will not slip on slippery rocks managed to walk down from the clift to the bottom of the fall.

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It is spectacular and dangerous as we are allow to walk near to the cliffs of the mountains near the waterfall. The wildness and the forces of the fall are awesome. To be able to see the fall from behind and the powerful water cascading from the cliff tops is a beautiful sight to behold.

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Walking down from the path behind the waterfall we came upon the wooden stairs but the stairs seen a bit rocky due to the waterfall and it totally wet and slippery.  These stairs are dangerous but with the proper trekking shoes for walking in the water there aren’t any problem.

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At the bottom of the fall  are rolling fields and mountains  surrounding the fall and there  is a signboard pointing about 300 or 400 m there is another falls but lot of tourists just turned their back to this waterfall as it seen that you had seen one and that is it – as waterfall is still a waterfall. The secret hideaway waterfall is Gljufrabui and we have an amazing beautiful time in this fall. More details and photos on this secret hideaway will be in my next post.



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