Birmingham city, England


I have been to Birmingham a lot of times but to say that I appreciate this city, I would said “No”.  During our mid year exhibition where our works to be show in the Works Gallery and our lecturers arranged for us to visit  several galleries and a photo-shot at the old and new library.


My opinion of this city totally change after I had been to this city,  visiting several places and it is an eye opening experience for me.  The councils spent billion of pounds to build a new library and this library is free of charge to visit. There are several floors or levels  in this building are open to public and take a lift to the highest level where you can view the city on sky high view.  The 9th floor and 7th floor – there are open balcony where we can sit and view the city.  The lowest level are library with books from different countries, cultures and languages. The library is so big and is a place for working, relaxing and enjoyment.

IMG_2070.1 IMG_2071.1

At the Birmingham Gallery  there are plenty of different artworks, sculptures, pottery from International and local artists.  The Ikon Gallery is near to the library and  this is free to the public. Ikon Gallery have different selected artists to display or exhibition their works and the works change every 3 months. it worth a visit to this gallery as most of the outstanding artists’ works are exhibit in here.

IMG_2061.1 IMG_2049.1

Tired of all these visiting there is the Bullring where you can shop till you drop. Near to the Bullring there is several universities and lot of beautiful open spaces and grounds for you to sit and enjoy the day. There is a science building Think Tank where children and adult can visit.


After several visiting to this city, my opinion of this city has totally change, this is a beautiful city even though there is some very rough areas where no one dare to venture into but in the city there is so much to do and have a great time in at this city.


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