Gljufrabui Waterfall, Iceland

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About  300 to 400 meters away from Seljalandsfoss there is a secret hideaway waterfall, which lot of visitors or tourists just missed it.  There is a little sign board pointing to the right of the rolling heath  and just follow this direction for about 400 meters away, there is a secret hideaway waterfall inside a mountains. To see this waterfall, don’t follow the sign post going up the rocks instead walk down the slope to the base of the little hill.  The Waterfall is known as Gljufrabui.

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From the slope we can see the waterfall through the gap of the rocks opening of  the mountains. It is best to wear walking boots that water can’t get through. We needed to walk onto the little stream through the rocks opening into the mountains.  Be careful with your camera getting wet  as we got soaking wet as we walk into the mountains. The water from the top of the mountains cascading down from the top, through a hole in  the center of mountains. The fall is like a fountain and we can climb up onto a big rock and stand in front of the waterfall. A great experience  that not to miss out, the water is so cool and refreshing it worth all the effort of getting totally wet.

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After 3 hours at Seljalandsfoss we drive Vik to Hofn and came across this heath land know as Meoalland, miles and miles of heathland grassy moss growing on the rocks creating moss dune. There aren’t any houses or hotels around these Meoalland and the wildness of these vast rocking dunes simply stunning beautiful. We made some hot tea with our little camping gas fire and climbing to the top of the vehicle to enjoy this splendor view.  For a nature lovers this is a great sight to behold.

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