Fjadrargljufur, Grand Canyon, Iceland


Fjadrargljufur is the Grand Canyon in South East Iceland. The Canyon about 100 m  deep, it is near the Ring road not far from the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur. This is a beautiful and amazing beautiful Canyon where we can walk near to the mountains peak to view the whole Canyon facing toward the ocean. There is 3 different types of water, red ore mineral water, water and royal blue water.

IMG_8525.2_edited-1 IMG_8537.1

IMG_8524.1 _DSC6766.1

It is amazing  to see 3 different  types water  flows and meet at the bottom of the canyon, creating multi colors on the water at the bottom of mountains. The canyon was created by progressive erosion by flowing water from glaciers through the rocks and palagonite over millennia.[


_DSC6778.1 _DSC6792_2IMG_8552_2

When we were there in the beginning of October and the surrounding heath, fields and mountains totally covered with thick snow and it is only jeep or 4 x 4 that able to go up to the top of mountains to see the Canyon.  It is quite dangerous as we have to walk on the rocks covered with snow without knowing how deep and what is beneath under the snow. There is no guard rails or barrier to stop tourists/locals from go too near to the edge of the rocks to see the Canyon and the waterfalls, It was very slippery walk.  We are unable to go down to the Canyon due to it is too dangerous at this time of the year but in summer tourists can walk at the bottom of the Canyon to view it upward.

IMG_8561.1 IMG_8557.1 IMG_8556.1IMG_8541.1

It is difficult to express myself for this amazing beautiful place and hopefully my photos will show this beauty of this  place.  There are heath surrounding this Canyon but we didn’t have times to venture into the heath.  When we were up at the Fjadrargljufur there were about 6 people up on the hill. It seen we have this whole oasis to ourselves. A gorgeous and amazing beautiful canyon and  it is sight to behold.


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