Stoovarfjorour, Iceland

IMG_8580.1 IMG_8591.1Our chalet was at Stoovarfjorour, and we arrived quite late around 8.00 p.m.  and the person in charge show us the accommodation. We make our payment for the place, The accommodation is Saxa Guesthouse except for bath then we have to use the facilities in another block.  We able to cook our dinner at this place and the chalet came with with decker beds with a sitting room and kitchen. The chalet is so neat and clean with all the cutlery for us to use.  We do our shopping at the supermarket and the fresh vegetables and meat are quite expensive .  We have a full dinner and breakfast before we start  and end our day touring around Iceland.

IMG_8586.1 IMG_8589, IMG_8592.1 IMG_8594.1

Around 7.00 a.m. the sky were darken with rain, I went for my morning walk while those guys still sleeping.  This chalet is a camping chalet with playground for  children to play, shelter for the visitors to sit around with BBQ pits. Opposite this playground is a beautiful lake with the pier.  The sun trying to peek out of the sky and created a rainbow on the background.  A beautiful valley nesting below the mountains with gorgeous lake.

IMG_8596.1 IMG_8597.1 IMG_8601.1 IMG_8604.1

For a nature lover this is a gorgeous place to spend the weekend sitting around the lake to fish or to enjoy this scenic view. I love it here as it is so peaceful and serene to walk around the lake. Staying around for about 2 hours and it is time to walk back to the chalet and cook for our breakfast.

IMG_8605.1 IMG_8599.1

Our first destination is Jokulsarlon and will be post in my next blog.


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