Jokulsarlon, Iceland

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Jokulsarlon is a glacial river lagoon in South east of Iceland. It developed into a lake after the glacier started receding from the edge of the  Atlantic Ocean. The lake has grown since then at varying rates because of melting of the glaciers. It is now 1.5 km away from the ocean’s edge.

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When we reached the beach we can see  the beautiful ice bergs floating on clear blue water.  The ice bergs are in different colors and shapes such as blue, white, grey and black, the ice bergs are so near to the beach it feel like we can walk on top of the crystal ice bergs. The water push the ice bergs under the bridge toward the ocean.

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An awesome sight and it is a must to visit this special place. We are lucky to see some sea lions swimming on the smooth surface of the water. With blue sky and beautiful sunlight on the mountains, this place became a sparkling blue jewel.  We can walk to the top of the hills to view the whole of the lagoon. If you travel there by car, please drive the car toward the bridge, and down under the bridge there on the heath there is place for parking the car. From here we can see the whole island nest at the bottom of the mountains and see the coastal line of the Jokulsarlon lagoon.

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There is a ferry going out onto the lagoon but we didn’t want to waste money on this as we simply enjoying the specular view of this grand lagoon. I wish I had arranged to stay at this town for 2 days so that I can see and take photograph of  this beautiful lagoon in the morning and at the dusk.

The most important and cool things of Iceland is –  it is free entrance for most of the tourists attractions and free car parks for cars. Utterly fell in love with this gorgeous place, opposite of this beautiful lagoon is the Dead sea. where the ice bergs floats to this dead sea. More photos and blog of the dead sea will be in my next posting.

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