Maxcro Photography – Spring Flowers

IMG_2891.1 IMG_2893.1 IMG_2890 IMG_2887

Bought a second hand F 2.8  macro len so used it to take some of the flowers at Beacon Park in Lichfield.  I am so surprised that there is a garden in this park with so many various type of flowers planted in this garden. The following are some of the spring flowers take at the Beacon Park, in Lichfield which the entrance is free of charge.

IMG_2902.1 IMG_2546.1 IMG_2822.1 IMG_2768.1

Enjoying myself so much as there are so many variety of flowers in this park. Unfortunately, I only have an hour to take photos of all the gorgeous flowers and have to come back again the next day to complete my flower album.

IMG_2914.1 IMG_2825 IMG_2819 IMG_2876.1

It seen the len is working alright as I am a bit worry  as I had bought it from ebay and it cost me about 280 gbp for just a second len. I am quite shock that a new F2.8 len is selling at 340.00 gbp so I didn’t really get any bargain for my this len.

IMG_2881.1 IMG_2904.1 IMG_2909 IMG_2911.1

It is so colorful and add a new palette to my blog with different colors and tones.

IMG_2941.1 IMG_2940.1 IMG_2938.1 IMG_293.16

It is a flowers paradise and hopefully I am able to go to the park again soon.

IMG_2931.1 IMG_2927.1 IMG_2923.1 IMG_2922.1 IMG_2919

Wish all my friends have a wonderful Tuesday. Hope my this flower gallery will bring a smile to all my friends.


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