Black Sea, Jokulsarlon, Iceland

IMG_8756.1 IMG_8775.2

From the ice bergs lagoon, there is a black sea just opposite the the ice bergs Lagoon.  I am not sure whether it is a Black sea or not, as there is not much of this black sand beach in the “Google Search”. From the vibrant colors of the ice bergs lagoon to stark black with ice bergs wash out from the Ice bergs lagoon.

IMG_8767.1 IMG_8761.1

The strong wind and high tides  make this Dead Sea a foaming white splash of foam rising up from the sea water. Big block of ice bergs  just washed up to shore by the strong tides.  Amazing beautiful sights to behold  if don’t mind the strong wind and getting wet from the tides.

IMG_8759.1 IMG_8753.1

Utterly speechless with mother’s nature to create such a great contrast in wildness, from calm, peaceful and beautiful lagoon to this stark, stormy and angry foaming sea.  Similarity they both have huge ice bergs on the water or shore which we can go quite near to take a photos of this beautiful sight.  For a nature lover this is a beautiful sight to behold just wear warm clothing to protect from the wind. and can walk or trek across the heath surrounding this gorgeous lagoon or sea.

IMG_8745.1 IMG_8741.1


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