Skaftafell National Park, Iceland

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Skaftafell National Park is home to some of Iceland’s most impressive mountains, such as Hvanndalshnukur. There are three  different types of mountain in the park, extinct volcanoes, dormant volcanoes and active volcanoes.  Driving through the National park leading up to mountain peaks with a single car track. The road is so steep and dangerous, it was quite scary as loosen rocks and sands flew everywhere when we drove upward.

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When we reached up to the mountains peak, we can see the whole valley of the park with the crates of water surrounding the rock in the middle of it.  We can view the mountains with snow or glaciers surrounded with river or sea.  We met  two Spanish photographers and hoping to ask for directions and some informationions of this place.  Unfortunately, they can’t speak English and we took some photos of the valley and proceed our way down the mountain.

IMG_8801.1 IMG_8804.1 IMG_8807.1 IMG_8812.1

We were in high spirit even we were lost so we just drove along to see where the navigator leading  us to. We came to Almannaskard Pass  and and followed the sign board leading uphill and to our surprise we can view the valley on the top of this beautiful mountain peak. After half an hour on this site we proceed to Hvanes.

IMG_8819.1 IMG_8821.1 IMG_8823.1 IMG_8784.1

All the way to Hvanes the scenic view are so gorgeous and beautiful, especially when the sun shone on the mountains peak creating different  textures on the mountains.


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