Hvalnes, Iceland

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We came to Hvalnes og Prottarskriour is a place for birds lovers, there are various type of birds swimming and nesting around these cliffs. The scenery from here is out of this world, there are benches and tables  around and near to the cliffs for birds lovers to enjoy lunch and bird watching.  We stop here to cook noodle soup and enjoy the serenity of this place.

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The area that extends in every direction from Djúpivogur harbour is rich with bird life, renowned among bird lovers throughout the world and attracts great numbers of bird enthusiasts every year. One reason the region is so marvellous for birdwatchers is its unspoiled nature, where you can observe most Icelandic birds nesting in their natural environment without having to walk or drive long distances. Mammals such as seals and reindeer provide a frequent bonus. The southeast corner of Iceland is unique for observing birds, since it is the major entry and exit point for nearly all of Iceland’s migrant species.

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The landscape around Djúpivogur is highly varied, which is partly the reason for the wide range of birds and other wildlife. Valleys rimmed by picturesque mountains stretch inland from the fjords. A special gem is the island of Papey, easily reached by boat from Djúpivogur. Papey has been on the Nature Conservation Registry ever since the registry first appeared in 1975. Seabirds are extremely numerous on the island, with an estimated 30,000 puffin pairs breeding at Papey.


Álftafjörður and Hamarsfjörður fjords provide important stopovers for birds such as the common eider, common scoter and a wide variety of duck and wader species. Up to 3,600 black-tailed godwits have been spotted there simultaneously. This area is also listed as an Important Bird Area by Birdlife International

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Once we finished our lunch and carry on with our journey to our hotel, stop by some tourists as there is one car stuck  into the black fine sand. The tourists and locals are so helpful trying to help the Chinese couple from Hong Kong,  to get their car out of the fine sand.  We help to push the car out of the fine sand but it seen to go deeper into the sand. The last resource is to flag a truck and hopefully he got a rope to tow the car out of the sand.

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To see such kindness, friendliness and helpful locals and tourists from Iceland other countries group together to extend their help to get the stuck car out of the sand. It took about an hour and finally we are able to on the road to our hotel and this time we are really late for our check in again.


3 thoughts on “Hvalnes, Iceland

    • I think they want to enjoy the beautiful view of the beach and though their 2 wheels cars will able to take them nearer to the beach.
      They also been told that their 2 wheel car is a 4 wheel or something similar to 4X4 car. It is sad when dealing with car rental when they don’t speak English well or understand what we want!!!

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