Stodvarfjorour, Iceland

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Booking hotel online is easy but the big problem is finding the hotel  near to the town  sometime it can be far, far away from nowhere you wanted to be. On my 3rd night I had booked the hotel at Saxa Guesthouse, a triple room cost  about 95.00 Euro. It was way out of town, it is a small fishing village. About 5 minutes walk, we can reached the small habour with lot of fishing boats anchored at the pier.

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We reached the guest house about 8.00 p.m. and after check in. We went to look for shop to get some fresh vegetables to cook with our noodle. There is a small cafe/shop about 20 minutes walk and we bought some drink and fresh eggs and fruits. Back to the guesthouse, we can’t cook in the bedroom, luckily for our room is near to the cafe and there is a side door, so we can cook at the car park where we are the only car parking at there.

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Beautiful room with private shower and toilet but this hotel room is so far away from any town or city. There is a petrol tank for us to top up petrol before we set up for our next journey. Early in the morning, I went for my morning walk at the habour or pier where a small lagoon with lot of boats anchored at there from the sea.  Lot of wild life in this place but due to it was not a sunny day so didn’t spent long out at the habour. Back to the guesthouse packed and ready for our next destination.

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The water spray for car wash is free of charge.  There are lot small buildings with  painting and drawing on it.  Could it be the icon of this fishing village, I have no idea as we have not seen the lady who given us the key the night before, so there is no way to ask for more information about this fishing village.


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