Fljotsdalur, Iceland


We drove about 40 km from our guesthouse and came to this little valley known as Fljotsdalur.  This valley is in the east of Iceland formed by River Lagarfljot.  The weather so unpredictable from sunny to raining. It was dark, misty and raining but the perfect reflection of this valley on the lake are utterly gorgeous.

IMG_8946.1 IMG_8947.1 IMG_8950.1 IMG_8952.1

We stopped at the local shop to buy  some sweeties and top up petrol so that we can drive to our next destination. Today, my driver decided that he will not follow my mapping of where to go but he will follow the direction to where we have booked our hotel. In between traveling to the hotel, we will pick up one of the destinations for a stop. The driver is my husband and I think he is fed up with the long distance drive and we agree to go with his plan.

IMG_8954.1 IMG_9005.1 IMG_9003.1 IMG_8996.1

After driving along the lake Lagarfljot we came to a small national park  which have different types of trees growing at the bottom of  mountains. surrounding by the lake. it is Autumn  and the park became different shade of colors such as red and orange by the trees. We drove into the park and stop at here for an hour to take some photos and back on the road again.

IMG_898.17 IMG_8959.1 IMG_8964.1 IMG_8971.1

To see this fantastic view of parkland with trees and lake,  it seen the landscape change with nature.  The harsh, wildness of the mountainscape become parkland with trees dotted on every surface of the land, around the road and lake. it just make me wonder if these trees are under the care of the farmers or the local council.

IMG_8965.1 IMG_8970.1 IMG_8975.1 IMG_8974.1

We drove about 100 km and the scenery totally change again with mountains as we arrived at  Hengifoss. We have no ideas what to see but according to the local signboard that this is different type waterfall from the others which we have seen. Hengifoss will be in my next post.


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