Hengifoss, Iceland

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Hengifoss is the third largest waterfall in Iceland. It is about 128 m high at the East of Iceland. It is surrounded by basaltic strata with thin, red layers of clay between the basaltic layers. Fossilized trunks of coniferous trees, sensitive to cold, and lignite, which depict warmer climates during the latter part of Tertiary.

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From the car park there is a gate leading to the waterfall, it will take about 45 minutes walk to the waterfall. This is a strenuous uphill walk.  We came upon the 1st part of the waterfall  which is quite pretty as the sun came out of the clouds the highland opposite to this park look extraordinary beautiful and interesting compare to the 1st fall.  The hill shaped the waterfall into a canyon and the water from the fall flow to River Litlanesfoss.

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It was slippery and muddy uphill, so it was a pretty slow walk for us. As we walking uphill we met a small groups of trekkers from Spain, they are young and fit it took them about 25 minutes to reach the Hengifoss.  We walked for about half an hour and reached the 2nd part of the waterfall. This is totally different from the 1st fall. The rocks formations are vertically shaped and the formation of the rocks look more like a vertical rock dripping down the ground. As it is late in the afternoon, when the sun shine on the rock, it became reddish colors.

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Finally we came to the 3rd section of the fall and this is the Hengifoss, the rocks formations for this fall are circular shaped and with the red layers of clay between the basaltic layers.  It look totally dark/black colors without the sun shinning on it.  The strong force of water prevented us to walk across the rocks to the bottom of the fall.  When the sun shine on the rocks, we can see the dark red colors on the edge of the rocks. There are lot of sheep around here,

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Happy  we have came upon this beautiful waterfall. It seen we have seen lot of waterfalls but I find that each individual fall have it own beauty and is totally different from each other.  After our walk we are ready to call a day and go straight to hotel for the night.

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