Reykjahilo, Iceland

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We booked the cottage with Hild Cottages at Hiraunbrun, Reykjahilo. It took us about an hour to find this place. We found the cottage and have to wait outside the reception for another hall an hour before the owner or  the person in charge to check us in.  When the lady in charge came to the office and  she told us that the blanket and bed sheet is not included and for 3 person it will cost us another 80.00 Euro for them.

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We told her that we aren’t aware there is extra charges for the bed sheet cover and blankets and request to view the cottage before we pay. She was so angry with us that she told us off,  go to book with another hotel if we want.  We told her that we do not want another hotel as we already been charge whether we stay  here or not.   Once we view the cottage which about 15 minutes drive  from the reception.

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We are  happy with the  cottage but the price came for this cottage from 110 Euro became 200 Euro and how this price incurred we have no idea. When the 2nd time she appeared at our cottage she told us off for been rude for wanting to view her cottage.  I been so angry when she called  us “Rude” and told her off. I explained to her that for wanting to view the cottage that is not been rude or nasty but  her attitude to guests is not right, she is the one that is rude and not us.

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I learn my lesson to  check every detail on the cottage when booking the cottage with “Booking.Com” as it seen these extras been stated on the condition which I have missed out the tiny wordings on the important information.  Later on when I check with another hotel and know that for that price we are paying we can get a 4 to 5 stars hotel in this village.

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Rekjahilo is a village with approximate 300 people and it is situated on the shores of Lake Myvatn  in the north of Iceland. When we visit the ground around the cottage we found that the ground were blackened and cracked by volcano eruption in 1984 and the villages have been rebuild since..


Fascinated by the history of this place and with the broken, burned ground that still can be see after so many years. The locals try to rebuild the village, to settle  in these  wild, harsh, untenable blacken rocks around here. Looking into ways the locals try to make a living around these erupted lands show their struggles in life and trying to  work along with mother nature in these volcanic lands.


Lake Myvatn is a beautiful place but after our dealing with the lady in charge the previous night, we just want to get away from this place as soon as possible. Our luck seen to change from good to bad after this incident. We encountered the most  horrible experience of car flipping  when we try to get away from this village, more adventures in my next post.


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