Viti Craters and Krafla, Iceland

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After the bleak, desolated and burnt down lowlands of Reykjahilo. We never expect to see the beauty of Viti Craters, only 10 or 15 minutes drive from Reykjahilo.  The still green lake bubbling with hot gases boiling in the bottom of the lake. The smoke from the lake is so thick and it mist with every boiling hot water spray up from the bottom of rocks.

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Krafla includes one of the two best-known Víti craters of Iceland (the other is in Askja). The Icelandic word “víti” means “hell”. Local often believed hell to be under volcanoes. The crater Víti has a green lake inside of it.

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South of the Krafla area, but not actually within the caldera is Namafjalll, a mountain, beneath which is Hverir, a  geothermal area with boiling mudpools and steaming  furnaroles. At  Lake Viti, it look serenely and peaceful and simply can sit at there all day. There are erected platforms for visitors  to stand and see the beautiful scene of the Lake Viti.

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Opposite to Lake Viti is the Askja, The first thing came to mind is the sense, the horrible smell of the geotherrmal area will put you off. Tolerate the smell and it worth every pence to stay and see this mythical place. There is no facilities in this place but allow visitors to trek at the hills. It is so barren and parched with no grass or trees growing. The place is free of charge.

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There have been several eruptions in these crates, we can walk down onto the craters bubbling with hot waters but it is a risk as the thin layers ground will crack.  The hot water spring up and out of the mudpools creating different colors of sands and rocks as the water flow. This town is the soul of nature that you can ever can see, with scenic view that is so close to the main road near Lake Myvatn. This  is a place not to miss. I would love to stay for 2 days at Lake Myvatn as there are so many scenic places to see in this place.



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