Askja, Iceland

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After we left Krafla and Viti Craters, we drove on to the mountains peaks which totally covered by snow.  The tracks totally in snow and it is so hard to drive. From the barren and beautiful landscape of Krafla, we never expect this scene. It seen the nature affect the landscape tremendously,  The single road covered with black sands or rocks, there is no signal or sign board to show the way.

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We just have  to follow the track road leading to the highland,  We stop near a station which probable is the hub to collect the data of this Askja Crater.  There is a tremendous eruption in 1875, the ash fall was poison enough to kill the land and livestock.  Recently scientist found that there is no ice on the lake and notice a tremendous Geothermal activities in the volcano is heating the lake.

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We finally saw some trekkers walking  across along the crater, so we drove our car following a different track going downhill. About 20 to 30 minutes later, we came across a big car park. There are a few cars parking at the car park and some locals are changing their shoes to trek up to the mountain peaks.

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We didn’t come well prepared  so when we walk uphill, our shoes were stuck with red mud.  The mud is so soft and fine that we couldn’t pull our shoes out of it. The weather was so cold with strong wind and snow, it is not a perfect condition to trek high land to view the crater.  Most of the tourists prefer to stay near their cars and just view the scenic view from there.

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It took us about 45 minutes to reach the peak where we can view the Askja Crater, which is covered with green/blue water. It look so calm and tranquility , simply won’t know that crater is simmering away by heat caused by the volcano.  We can walk or trek around the crater but we didn’t as it is so hard to move a step forward with thick coat of mud stuck to our shoes.

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We spend about 2 hours around here and decided to go for our next destination and on our way we saw the Hotel Reykjahilo with the beautiful lake surrounding it. I couldn’t image we will spend a nite in this gorgeous hotel due to our car flip across the lowland and been force to stay another day at this Reykjahilo.


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