Dettifoss, Iceland

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We have see lot of waterfall in Iceland, but each individual waterfall have their own character and charm totally different from each other. Dettifoss is a waterfall situated in Vatnajokull National Park, is known for the strongest waterfall in Europe.

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Dettifoss is located on the Diamond Circle, a popular tourists route to Husavik and Lake Myvatn in North Iceland. This park is maintained by staffs from the Vatnajokull National Park. The force of the water is so strong that the len of our camera got wet with the spray.

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Dettifoss is so powerful and majestic, it make me feel so small standing there watching the cascading water flowing down the rocks. Walking through the park and met the staff erecting poles around a small pool, and been told that the pool will be flooded in Summer time. I am so happy to see the rainbow reflecting on the  rocks of this waterfall and this is the only rainbow which i had seen so far. I am so pleased to see this sight which I have always dream off.  Should this be my lucky day or  the curse of bad luck going to befall on us, I am not sure.

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We spent 2 hours here and continue with our next destination. More of my Iceland trip will be in the next post.


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