Hverfjall, Iceland


We drove to Cave Lofthellir unfortunately, it is closed in winter.   Following the sign,  we reached Hverfjall. Hverfjall is a tephra cone or tuff ring volcano in the Northern Iceland. A landslide apparently occurred in the south part of the crater during the eruption, which accounts for the disruption to the round shape of the mountain.


The rim of the crater is only accessible by two paths, from the northwest and south. It is strictly forbidden to use other routes in ascent or descent. It is a difficult walk up to the top of the mountain, as there isn’t any stairs or walking path. The black sand is so fine, when our shoes press on it, causing the loose sands slipped and dropping down the hill.

IMG_9368.1 IMG_9369.1

It took us about half an hour to reach the top, the crater is quite big in circular shape. The burned out crater is in black color and with some snow covered the rim of the crater. The crater doesn’t look amazing in black but with some snow on the outer rim. This crater look amazing, if it is fully covered with snow, that will be awesome contrast with the black. There isn’t any trees or plants around here.

There are some smaller craters scattered around the highland . A beautiful lake surrounding these mountains. The scenic view is incredible and as a nature lover, I simply think it is worth all the effort  walking up to the mountains. Just  be careful when going down the mountains as the track is slant directly down from the mountains.


We spend about an hour at this place.  We are ready to call it a day and  drive to our hotel in a different town.  My husband decided to stop the car by the side of the road, so we can have something to drink and eat. He have forgotten the rule in Iceland,  it is dangerous to drive too near to the side of the road as it is not in tarmac.


Our car skip and leap into the air and came to a stop. Half of the car is at the side and the other is tipped down toward the lowland.  We have to climb out of the car and luckily the car didn’t move.  We ha flagged  other cars for  help, and some of the locals who drive pass also stop to give a helping hand.  After having some discussion with the locals, they decided not to rope the car up as it is too risky. our car might skip down to the lowland.


We waited for an hour and the policeman arrived  and give us a lift to the local pub. He also call our car rental company and arranged for the tow truck to tow the car.  We been by the salesman it is not an accident and we have to pay the for the tow charge of 600.00 Euro. We didn’t think we have to bear this cost and the policeman managed to get the car rental company to pay in full but the salesman want this monies to be given to him on our last leg of the journey when we handed over the car..


We waited for 6 hours before the tow truck delivered car back to us.  We had managed to cancel our  hotel booking without been charge and rebook another room for the nite. Luckily, next to pub, there is a 5-stars hotel and the manager told us the cost for the room is 22,000 kronur.  The kind manager told us the room is a bit expensive because it is  5 stars and they have another hotel about 5 minutes walk which cost only 18,000 kronur with breakfast and kindly arranged a room for us.


Phew!!!! at least it is not a bad ending for a horrible day.  We learn a lesson that the main problem with our car is the hand brake is not working and the brake when press hard down, the car will still move when the road dip downward.  We have to be extra careful  driving this car now as the weather turning into heavy snowing with strong wind. Our next journey will be even harder with this unreliable car.


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