Godafoss, iceland


II am sad to say goodbye  to Reykjahilo, my husband had to stop 15 minutes later as something have caught my eyes. It is a crater mountain reflected on a perfectly calm blue lake.  He drove into a farmland track so that we can see this perfect view of a crater mountain in the middle of lake.  Utterly speehless and godsmack with this undiscovery landscape.

IMG_9520.1 IMG_9522.1 IMG_9524.1 IMG_9526.1

I totally fall in love with this beautiful and mythical place, all the lands surrounding this little village are sensational with wildness that I haven’t see in my life. Mother’s nature create and reform new lands through volcano eruption creating rich and fertile land.  After about half an hour drive, we reached Godafoss. The Godafoss (Icelandic: waterfall of the gods or waterfall of the goði) is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland.

IMG_9527.1 IMG_9533.1 IMG_9537.1 IMG_9541.1

From the main road leading into a mud track road and follow this track road, we reached a small car park. There is a steel structure bridge for cars to drive through. On the right of this bridge is the Godafoss. A circular gorge with strong water cascading down from the rocks.

IMG_9548.1 IMG_9550.1

We can walk near to the waterfall but be careful as the rocks are very slippery and it is quite dangerous  to get too close to the waterfall. The force of mist from the waterfall mist up our camera lens and we have to keep cleaning it dry. There isn’t any facilities or shop in here.

IMG_9551.1 IMG_9557.1

Every waterfall have it unique formations. We stay for an hour at Godafossl and on our way to next destination.  I hope my photos will do the justice of this place instead of me expressing them in words. More of my Iceland trips coming in the post.


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