Reykjahlio, Iceland

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After our car accident and we been force to stay another night at Reykjahilo.  Hotel Reykjahilo is situated near the edge of the lake. and about five minutes from the main road.  While the guys are still sleeping I went out for my morning walk. Amazed to find the lake just next to the hotel, the water was calm and blue, the sun is peeping from behind the clouds.

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Walking along the edge of the lake and enjoying myself with this serene and peaceful sight, I feel I in heaven.  All the troubles of last nite gone from my mind.  This is a mystical place with wildlife swimming on the lake in the morning sunrise, beautiful reflections of snow capped mountain reflected on the water  in the middle of the lake.

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Dream comes true for me such a beautiful setting,  it is too perfect to be true. I have no ideas how long I had spent on this magical spot till my husband came to look for me. To tell me it is time to move on, but he  couldn’t resit  the beauty from this fabulous lake  and spent another hour happily snapping with his camera.

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It is increditable for me, from wanted to leave this place as soon as possible, now I just don’t want to leave, hoping to sit down and enjoy these awesome views with amazing wildlifes.  The landscape change with nature and as such a small town at Lake Myvatn. To see how nature shaped and form, which we never expect to see in a lifetime and you can see all of this in this little town. If you happen to be in iceland, Lake Myvatn is a place that must see. Plan for at least 2 days staying in this town as there are so many places to see and discover that one day is simply too short.

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I will recommend Hotel Reykjajlio to everyone, as the sight from the lake at the edge of the hotel is stunning, the price is reasonable at 18,000 kronur and the room is standard with private bathroom. lake Myvatn’s beauty has woo my heart and could wait to visit this place again soon.


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