Hverfjall, Iceland


After we have seen Godafoss, we are on our way to our hotel.at Hverfjall. We had learnt from the shopkeeper that the weather is getting worse and it is snowing heavily.  The weather condition is so bad, all the locals are advice to stay at home.  We daren’t go sightseeing anymore so we head straight to our rental cottage.

IMG_9574.1 IMG_9575.1

The scenic views on the way to Hverfjall, is so vabrant in colours  and most of the mountains are covered in white with snow. White backdrop mountains with lowland fields stretching around the valley. It took us 3 hours to reached the chalet  and it was so dark as the day getting shorter.  We caledl the owner and waited for him to come into his office. He reached the office about 10 to 15 minutes, and arranged for us to view the cottage.

IMG_9576.1 IMG_9585.1

He also warned us that the weather had changed and it was snowing heavily in the South.  We probable might have to change our plan driving into the South. We rented our cottage with “Country Hotel Heydalur” and it was so beautiful in the cottage with big sitting room, kitchen, private bathroom and a few bedrooms. A big cottage that can fit a family of 10 peoples.

IMG_9588.1 IMG_9590.1

We cooked our dinner and enjoyed a peaceful and warm cosy night in the cottage. We still haven’t been able to see the aurora due to the weather is not good, we been told that the sky must be clear, keep our fingers cross and we can drive to the South so that we will be able to see the aurora.

IMG_9592.1 IMG_9611.1


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