Kolugljufur, Iceland

IMG_9624.1 IMG_9625.1We drive along Vioidalur, and came into Kolugil Farm which stands beside the Vioidaisa river. With the morning golden sun on the fields  with early misty where the wild horses grazing on the fields. It is amazing beautiful to see these wild horses surviving in these lands, Extreme weathers of strong wind, coldness and heavy snowing.

IMG_9621.1 IMG_9622.1 IMG_9626.1 IMG_9640.1

Just below the farm, the waters flow peacefully downwards to plunge into the deep, rugged gorge called Kolugljúfur. The water was cascading over the rocks or hills creating many waterfalls which bear the name Kolufossar Falls in honour of the giantess , Kola.

IMG_9627.1 IMG_9641.1 IMG_9653.1 IMG_9645.1
It is a breathtaking sight to drive across the bridge and watch the calm waters of the river suddenly leap and tumble onwards over so many impressive falls – a sight which will leave no one unmoved. The Kolugljufur canyon shaped  like horse shoe and it is known for “Horseshoe Canyon” to the locals.

IMG_9658.1 IMG_9659.1

This place is beautiful, peaceful and serene without any tourists or visitors.  We can enjoy the powerful water cascading over the rocks and we can trekked over the rocky rocks to stand near the fall. Beware as there isn’t any barrier and the rocks are very wet and slippery, wear proper trekking shoe that can’t slip in the  water.


Simply love this little town as the locals depend their livelihood on farming and seafaring.We are lucky the weather is so wonderful sunny to enjoy a peaceful start of our day.


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