Strandir, Iceland


From Kolugljufur we drove into the town of Strandir. The region of Streandir, (mainly coasts) was  one of the most remote areas in Iceland, known for inhabitants’ knowledge of magic and as a refuge for criminals. The landscape of Sjramdor is far from uniform, the low hills of Hrutafjorour in the south change to 700m, high mountains rising straight from the coast.

IMG_9705.1 IMG_9711.1

The town Hólmavík and Drangsnes village are the most heavily populated areas; around 400 people live in Hólmavík and barely 100 live in Drangsnes. Unfortunately, we didn’t stay long in this place due to strong wind and tides. The high tide and waves crashing against the rocks at the coast.  it was also snowing heavily that we need to retreat back to our car and take the rest of the day staying in door.

IMG_9712.2 IMG_9713.1 IMG_9722.1 IMG_9714.1

Cheeky to say that I didn’t took much photos of this place due to the weather conditions but I took lot of photos of the wild horses grazing on the fields, with strong gale and snow. The wild horses stick together as a small group, I am not sure whether to keep warm together against the cold weather.  They keep flicking their heads to avoid the flying snow getting into their eyes.

IMG_9715.1 IMG_9719.1 IMG_9720.1 IMG_9721.1

We didn’t do any sight-seeing for the rest of the day and pretty happy to do some shopping at the local shop and cook at the chalet, Staying indoor to keep warm and cosy enjoying our lunch and dinner. As we been told by the landlord that the road is closed due to heavy snowing. He help us by calling our agent to cancel our booking with another hotel in the North Iceland near to the coast.


5 thoughts on “Strandir, Iceland

  1. It is so strange to see it under such harsh climatic conditions. I’m enjoying immensely all your posts about Iceland. I’ve visited all these places during summer, but it looks completely different in your picture. It’s nice !

    • Thanks my friend. I just back from my holidays from the Far East and now will be going for my Europe trip in the next few days.
      Hope you have settle down in England and look forward to see more of your posts soon.

      • You’ve been busy ! I hope you are enjoying yourself ! I can’t wait to read more about your trips 🙂

        I’m well settled down in Leeds, and I’m also enjoying summer, visiting plenty of places around 🙂

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!
    It’s so different and unique and those images are breathtaking.
    I’ve never been to Iceland but I do intend on planning a visit soon so thank you!
    Hope in time I can receive a follow from a lovely writer such as yourself (:

    • Thanks misskutts and Iceland is a gorgeous and beautiful place the flight ticket is cheap but petrol and car rental are expensive. The food is alright if you can cook yourself or prepare by urself and that will save lot of monies. Book the chalet or apartments, they are utterly beautiful and wonderful to stay in. I didn’t spend a lot of monies on the food but on the petrol, chalets and car rental only.

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