Hveravellir, iceland

IMG_9734.1 IMG_9748.1

Packed and ready to go to our next destination, our car won’t start, lucky the owner of the cottages, he got the batteries charger for us to charge the car.  Yea, it work but another problem incurred with car, the radiator is not working.

IMG_9770.1 IMG_9778.1

IMG_9781.1 IMG_9780.1

We stop at the petrol cafe and contact the salesman and finally waited for half an hour, he gave us the address of the garage to check and repair the car. We finally found the garage about 10 minutes drive from our holiday cottages. The technical expert was not happy as it is not a minor job and he asked us to come back tomorrow to pick the car.  We told him, we can’t as we already stay extra a day in this town.

IMG_9786.1 IMG_9803.1

IMG_9749.1 IMG_9759.1

For a job to done within an hour or two became 4 hours. it seen it is too risky to drive this car for where we are going.  He told us, he will tried his best to get it done and and we can drive safely but the part won’t last long as he reckoned this will take us safely throughout our journey.  It is quite scary but there is no other option either to contact the salesman again, for a change of vehicle and we have to stick to it.


To spend my time while waiting for the car being repaired. I went for a walk in the town which I haven’t done so. It is quite a small town surrounded with mountains and lake.  The young children go to school as usual and they are at the playground enjoying the snow.  It is snowing heavily with strong wind and we wake up, to see all the landscapes covered in a few inches of snow.

IMG_9811.1 IMG_9825.1

Finally, we are on the road again at 4.30 p.m. and we are worry as it will be another 2 hours or more to reach our next hotel. Hopefully the road condition is better than here. how wrong I can be.  The weather condition is getting worse and our nightmare just begin. look for my next post for more of our adventure in Iceland.



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