Blonduos, iceland

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Happy to have our car back and on the road again.  The weather condition was getting worse than we have left Hverfjall.  We totally can’t see the road in front of us. We have been driving at 3rd gear at 30 miles for a 50 mile road.

IMG_9912.1 IMG_9840.1 IMG_9843IMG_9905.1

About 9 to 10 miles away from Hverfjall, we can felt our car was dancing, slipping, kept slipping into the next lane.  We are aware our hand brake was not working, so  basically had to crawl along the snow covered roads.  Unfortunately, our car slip and flip into the air, and rolled onto the flat land of the rolling fields,  Luckily, the wooden barriers at the edge of the field stop the car from rolling further.  The front bumper slightly dented, It seen the same accident happened again as predicted by the Technical engineer.

IMG_9913.1 IMG_9863.1 IMG_9845.1 IMG_9847.1

We were getting scarily and worry now, it seen our life were endangered with this deathtrap car. My husband have to drive in manual using 2nd gear. So we were basically crawling our way to our next destination. Every trucks or cars had overtaken our car,  The scenery to Blonduos are amazing beautiful. The grid on the mountains seen to enhance the rugged and wildness of the landscape. The houses at the bottom of the mountains seen like a small world of Iceland.

IMG_9855.1 IMG_9858.1 IMG_9862.1 IMG_9866.1

Facing with our car problem, we decided not to sight-seeing so many places.We will take pot luck such as planning the route to our next hotel, we will check what is the tourist attractions and stop for a visit. Didn’t aware Blonduos is near to the seaside town. On way to there, we had the glorious sunset we had  ever seen in Iceland, Of course, my husband can’t stop the car for me to take any photos as it was getting late and we haven’t seen any cars for 2  to 3 hours now. We were kinda of worry that the navigator was directing us the wrong way.

IMG_9872.1 IMG_9916.1 IMG_9922.1 IMG_9972.1

Finally, we came into a small fishing village, and found the guesthouse which about 10 to 15 minutes walk away from the sea. We were welcomed my the staff and settled into our room. We asked the staff, was there any chance of seeing aurora tonight. Been told there was a possibilities due to clear sky tonight.  We told the staff to let us know if there was an aurora. Nothing can defect our spirit, Iceland  is such a harsh, rugged wildness,it seen we have to learn how to survive in this country. It make me wonder how tough the locals have to learn how to survive in this extreme nature changeableenvironment every day in their life.

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