Grabrokarfell & Grabrok, iceland

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I am so sorry to put so many posts in one day as I am trying to finish my Iceland trips before I go to my next holidays to Far East on Sunday.


Grabrokarfell  is a crater caused by a fissure eruption near Reykjavik in Iceland.  This is a monument natural reserve in Grabrokargigum. The park is to preserve the moss plants in this region. In the winter it is bleak without vegetables, it was snowing heavily with strong wind. When we reached to the top of the mountain, We can feel  the full force of the wind and snow.

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This crater is so vast, rugged with wildness. There is a mystery in this crater, it felt so peaceful and serene in such a barren landscape. Again we didn’t see any tourists or visitors and it probable due to the bad weather.  We spent an hour at this Crater to take some photos and proceed our way to our next destination.


We drove  into this town known as Vesturland. Western Region (Icelandic: Vesturland) is one of the traditional eight regions of Iceland. Located on the western coast of the island. The biggest town in the region is Akranes, with a population of 6300. I haven’t seen lot of houses around this part of the coast. We  drive through an amazing beautiful built bridge. Once we cross the bridge the weather seen to change, as we came to Pingvellir which is near to Reykjavik and  is known as Circle of Golden Ring. We have reach the central region of the iceland. There are more tourists and locals around this region.


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