Pingvellir, iceland

IMG_0147.1 IMG_0149.1

We drove into to Pingvellir,  and came across a waterfall. it might be Bamafoss as I am not sure as there isn’t any signboard for this waterfall.  The fall is not strong or powerful, i think it probable due to the winter season. The water cascading  down from several different rocks  and it seen there is a few mini waterfall combination with a bigger and stronger one in the middle. and they drop into the same pool at the bottom of the hills or mountains.

IMG_0160.1 IMG_0166.1 IMG_0164.1 IMG_0183.1

It is difficult to find this waterfall but it worth all the effort to have a view of this gorgeous fall.  After about an hour spent at this fall we followed the sign board to Pingvellir National Park,  This reserve preserved the amazing beautiful differently shaped and formed rocks with mosses on top of the rocks, It seen a sea of seaweed floating  above the water landed on the beach and covered the beach all in dark black seaweed.

IMG_0191.1 IMG_0192.1_edited-1 IMG_0202.1 IMG_0215.1

We can walked on top of the rocks to view this wildness of greenery.  Take times to see different  fungi and plants growing in these areas. Totally in a different world with paradise of colorful plants and the rugged landscape are soften and beautify by the plants and trees.

IMG_0218.1 IMG_0221.1 IMG_0223.1 IMG_0227.1 IMG_0232.1 IMG_0233.1 IMG_0243.1 IMG_0246.1


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