A day visit to Pistyll Rhaeadr, North Wales

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My friends from Singapore came over to visit England and we went to Pistyll Rhaeadr,North Wales.  Pistyll Rhaeadr is one of the seven wonder in Wales. It’s the tallest waterfall in Wales. it took us about one and half hour to reach the waterfall. Don’t stop at the Waterfall town as it is about 20 minutes drive away from the waterfall.  Following the sign post and drive on the single car track up to the mid section of the hill where there is a cafe and toilet with a small car park.

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There is the latched gate leading to the pool of the waterfall, unfortunately, due to hot weather the water flow is not strong.  There are track trails leading to the forest and up the the top of the waterfall.  Along the water to the top of the hills we can see the beautiful scenic valleys of the Wales. It took about half an hour to forty-five minutes walk to the top of the fall.


We have some  happy moment soaking our legs on the cold and refreshing water. After enjoying a few hours on the water we found a spot to cook some ready packed noodles for our lunch. A beautiful scenic place which I will recommend to my friends if you happen to be in North Wales just take a few hours to visit this scenic and wonderful place.

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