Reykholt, Iceland

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I have spend my 3 months Summer Holidays in the exotic Far East, Asia and Europe. I missed my blogger as i have not written a single word during my non-stop travel. I am so happy to back home, sweet home but unfortunately, I am lost as what am I going to write? So I  going to carry on with my Iceland trip which I enjoy so much and wish can be there again soon.

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After our visit to Gullfoss, we proceed with our journey to Reykholt as we didn’t want to look for our hotel in the dark.   On our way to Reykholt, we saw lot of brightly lighted glass houses. Due our curiosity about the glass houses, so my husband stop the car near to the glass houses.  Approach the workers unloading the goods and ask for permission, if we can go into the glass houses for a look around.

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The friendly workers granted us the permission and we walk into one of the glasshouses, we are so happy to see vegetables and fruits grown here with strong lighting  shinning on the vegetables.  On our way to our hotel, the scenic view was so captivating that i spent an hour walking in the wildness of the countryside.

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Our hotel is situated in the city center  and it was a bit chaos for as us as we don’t understand a single words wrote for parking so we decided not to stay in town and just go straight to our accommodation.

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