Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik

IMG_0454.1 IMG_0463.1

Early in the morning, we came into the town center of Reykjavik. The first thing that caught my eyes was the Hallgrimskirkja standing tall in the middle of the town center. It is the largest church in Iceland, about 244 ft tall in height.  It took 38 years to build the church. It is one of the city best landmark and visible throughout the city.

IMG_0469.1 IMG_0484.1 IMG_2220.1 IMG_2246.1IMG_2241.1IMG_2247.1

Inside the church house a large pipe organ. The church was also used as an observation tower. The observer can take a lift up to the viewing platform and view the mountains and city of Reykjavik.

IMG_0473.1 IMG_0480.1 IMG_0481.1 IMG_2201.1

It is a beautiful town and the shops and houses are painted in brightly colors paints. It kinda of interesting to see the owners do maintained the upkeep of the shops and houses.  We took a stroll into the town center but didn’t stop for breakfast. It would be great to enjoy my breakfast in one of the shop and watching the passers-by walk pass our table. I having fun in trying street photography in this glorious city.

IMG_2249.1 IMG_2252.1  IMG_2260.1 IMG_2263.1 IMG_2265.1

The art decor/sculptures by the local artists and it look amazing with the natural environment.  Wish  I have more times to explore this area.


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