Rjupnabrekkur, Iceland

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We left the town center behind and drove across the countryside to Rjupnabrekkur.  Along the way to Rjupnabrekkur, there were smoke coming up from the rivers and hills,  There was a small village in the vast countryside areas, there was a  signboard showing  no cars, motor vehicles are allow in this valley. It was an eco village. We didn’t stop at here but drove all the way to Rjupnabrekkur.

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There was a cafe with toilet  but it was closed when we were there. We met two men and been told to see the creek or river with warm water up to 38 degree we had to trek for about 45 minutes to reach there. As  it was too cold for us to soak  the warm water in this weather, so we looked  for  alternative way for those who doesn’t want to trek/walk through the hills.

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The creek runs along the side of the hillside and runs into Hengladalsá River but further down it turns into Varmá-river. It is unknown how much it is used to bath in but far down in the creek a small bathing pool. The water has the temperature of 34 °C but further up the creek it is 39 °C. The bottom of the creek is made from mixed soil.

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Armed  with the information and direction from the map, we set our navigator  with the address, drove as directed by navigator.  We drove all the way up onto the mountaintop with ice covered the hills and grasses. We had no ideas how deep snow was but simply carry on as the navigator directed. My heart was in my mouth as all the way up on a single car track, the higher we go the track became narrower.

IMG_0581.1 IMG_0582.1

We couldn’t see any creeks or river from the top of the mountains, we were getting nervous as  our car kept climbing up the cliff like road up to the mountains. I have to salute, my husband for driving up into these mountain tops.  The beauty of the snow covered mountains were so amazing beautiful that made me speechless. Totally scared and amazed by the view, we had no choice but look for space slightly bigger so that we can turned our car back the way we came through.


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