Raufarholshellir – Cave and lava tube, Iceland


Raufholshellir is to see   the  cave and lava tube, it was just worth the journey to visit it as seeing  Geyser and Gullfoss. It is about 15 minutes off of Highway 1, it is worth de-tour from the Golden Circle. We had the entire lava tube and cave to ourselves.  Great ice formations in the cave but unfortunately, we didn’t have the properly shoe or helmet as it was so dark inside that some of the locals advice is best to walk the first portion of the cave only.

IMG_0594.2 IMG_0596.1 IMG_0603.1 IMG_0609.1

Recommended for people who can handle uneven surfaces and not a difficult hike. Like most attractions, there is no fee to visit. Amazed to see a vast flat land and underneath this land there is a cave, beautiful rocks formations and  ice forming along the rocks inside the cave but couldn’t go inside the see the exact ice standing is my total regret. It is better be safe than risk ourselves without proper outfit.

IMG_0616.1 IMG_0641.1 IMG_0645.1 IMG_0646 .1

The hardest part of this attraction is finding it. There is no signboard for it and when we arrived this place is just a pile of rocks and  it is totally off of the road. When driving south on Highway 39, it will be on your left. Look for a road and gravel parking lot. The cave and lava tube are not visible form the road.

IMG_0664.1 IMG_2393.1 IMG_2412.1 IMG_2415.1

Before we came upon this cave, using the Highway 39 to Highway 34  there is a beautiful blue sea and and entirely different black sea. The amazing blueness of the sea totally merge the sky with the waterline of the sea. A blanket of blue  with fine sand, water rippling on the sand without any visitors. After the blue ocean we came upon the black sea or ocean.

IMG_2414.2 IMG_2417.1 IMG_2428.1


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