Reykjanes, Iceland


Our last 2 days in Iceland and we spent most of our times at Reykjanes, there are lot of Geo-parks in this areas. On our way to Sandgeroi, there was an old abandoned shipyard.  There was an abandoned hut or office. the vessels were stationed on the sandy beach of the pier.

IMG_2452.1 IMG_0679.1 IMG_2459.1 IMG_2460.1

Some people will considered me crazy, why would she interested in all these rusty ships, building and equipment littered on the sandy beach. The beach was littered with used mussels’ shells as it might for the  purpose of recycling them.  I am totally fascinated with the rusty iron panels from the ships as to me it was just like natural sculptures of Art.

IMG_2465.1 IMG_2469.1 IMG_2472.1 IMG_2479.1

The rusty equipment used for the vessels such as chains and iron-bars  were rusty but they look so gorgeous and beautiful.  To me this is an amazing place and would love to stay here longer but as I am not sure whether we need permission to enter this place so after took some photos we make our way to the pier.

IMG_2480.1 IMG_2502.1 IMG_2505.1 IMG_2509.1

The pier was a busy port for vessels  to stop at this pier and in early March to May, probable we can see some rare birds stated on the signboard. We have a walk around the pier and proceed our way to further north as we intended to enjoy ourselves at the Blue Lagoon.

IMG_2522.1 IMG_2535.1 IMG_0678.1_edited-1


12 thoughts on “Reykjanes, Iceland

    • Yea, iceland is a gorgeous country where all the geo parks can be seen from just a few minutes walk. If you love nature and landscape this is a place I would recommend for all my friends to have a go for it.
      Thanks, my friend.

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