Planning for our trip to Turkey

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It is hard to plan and map the trip to somewhere you have not been before. I had booked my ticket to go Hong Kong via stopover at Turkey. So checking online for more information on how to do the planning and mapping  so that I can see as much as I can when I am there.

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For our this trip, I have no plan of renting any car as my husband doesn’t want to drive, so I have to make sure that there is a bus to all the tourists attractions spots.  My itinerary as follows:

Cappadonia – 3 days, Antalya – 2 days, Pamukkale – 2 days, Selcuk – 3 days and Instanbul – 2 days.

Booked 3 inter transit flight with Pegasus and Turkey Airlines as the cheapest transit flight was Pegasus. Beware of booking with the cheapest transit flight, if book wrongly there is no refund for cancellation as I had learn from my mistake of booking the wrong date and wrong place so I had to forfeit my full fare for 3 persons.

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I also made arrangement for airport pickup as we will reach Kayseri Airport late in the night so we arrange for a airport pick up, to drive us to Goreme. As the hotel provide the airport pick up at 7.00 pound sterling so it is worth it to do that.  Armed with all the knowledge that we will be able to take the mini bus to all the tourists attractions. Also it is cheaper to get the museum tickets at the entrance of the museum as they sell the immediate entrance ticket or the season ticket for  7 days  to visit just the locals museums at 72 Lira or 30 days at 115 Lira where we can visit any of the museums within turkey. It is cheaper to get this 115 Lira tickets as most of the tourists spots must pay to go in.

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I have booked all my hotel rooms for 3 persons via and lucky  in this trip, the hotel rooms are clean and big and the price we paid for are reasonable good. As for exchange rate for pound sterling to Lira, the best rate I can get was in Turkey as it was 4.1 Lira to 1.00 pound sterling. There are lot of money changers in Istanbul but not in the small towns such as Cappadonia or Pamukkale.


Turkey is in bucket list for a long time and have to wait for another few more days, I will be able to see this famous and utterly beautiful country. Here are some of the photographs from my street photography. I find it is hard and challenging as the models doesn’t want their photos to be taken. It will give me an high if I able to take their moods and feeling on their faces and postures. How about you guys, do you have the same problems as me and look forward to hear more from you.


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