Cavusin, Cappadonia

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We stay in the cave hotel in  Goreme,  and the rooms were well kept and clean. As our room was above the Turkey spa so it was warmer than other rooms. Early in the morning, I went for my walk and amazed and surprised to see the areas were totally covered with cave hotels and apartments. Some of the caves were still under renovations where else some were abandoned.
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Surprised to see there were so many tourists from China, Japan and Korea.  So I make friends with some of them and asked them why there were so many of them in this area. The reasons for it was they got cheaper tickets from transit Korea to Turkey.
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It took us an hour to wait for a bus to Cavusin, it was only 3 lira to this place and we met a Chinese couple. We got some information from the couple, told the bus driver where we wanted to go. The driver shouted the name of the place  when it reached one destination.
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The quiet Cappadocian village of Cavusin was famous for three things: beautiful churches, abandoned rock houses, and great hiking opportunities. The village was dominated by its cliff from which a clutter of empty cave houses spill down precariously, making for a fun place to explore. The area of the village where people live today was nice and quiet and most people work in agriculture.
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We climbed up to top of the abandoned cave and surprise to see that it have became a pigeons nesting place. From the opening rock face we can see the landscape of Cavusin with green trees and flowers. I am shocked to see that in these harsh, rugged, hot mountains rocks totally covered with trees and flowers.
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Walking up to the mountains to the abandoned rock house we found that the mountain was make up of very fine sand stick together till it became a hard rock surface. Whenever  we step on the rock, sand and rocks slipping away and it might be the reason why there were so many abandoned rock houses. It seen unsafe to stay around in these areas.
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