Supermoon Eclipse 2015 – 28.9.2015

IMG_0732.1 IMG_0772.1

We can see the supermoon lunar eclipse 2015, it was a sight to behold. At 3.00 a.m. the moon became a quarter red till around 3.40 a.m. It became a rare blood red. It can be seen all over the world, we are lucky to view this sight near our house.

IMG_0763.1 IMG_0901.1

I don’t have a special len so was quite happy with my amateur result of photography.  Hope you guy also has view this amazing sight and would like to share this special moment together. The next rare red blood moon eclipse will be at 2033.



6 thoughts on “Supermoon Eclipse 2015 – 28.9.2015

  1. something to remember always, I lay in bed watching, then went outside, then back to bed with a hot drink and watched until around 4.30am…the moon was infront of our house too:) it was so bright before and afterwards

    • We drove to the park near our house, sitting on a 7-seater car, with a cup of warm tea to enjoy this awesome view till 5.45 a.m. where the moon eclipse back to it original color.
      So glad to see this sight and have to wonder whether I still in here to view it in 2033 again. Ha!!!

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