Uchisar Castle, Cappadonia

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Our China friends wanted to visit Uchisar Castle so we decided not to visit Cavusin Church even though it was listed as a World heritage in 1985.  In front of the church there is a small shop and we make inquiry  with the shop owner if there any bus to Uchisar Castle. We couldn’t get a bus or taxi, so when a couple of German backpacker told us to hitch a ride.  We managed to thumb for a ride with a man and he gave us a ride to Uchisar Castle.

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We reached Ucisar town and there were some shops and cafes  in this little town.  Shops and street sellers at the side of the road leading to Uchisar Castle.  We were knackered as these areas were so big and the weather was so humid with harsh, hot sun.

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My first impression of Uchisar Castle wasn’t great.   The castle was made of natural rocks stack on top of each other. The entrance fee to view this castle was 5.00 lira, about 120 steps  to walk up to the highest portion of the hills. Inside the cave there wasn’t any furniture or relics from the past. The exterior of the castle was ulgly and inside the castle bare and stark with brutish dark corners.

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We had a surprised in stored for us when we reached  to the top of the castle, we can view the entire landscape of the Uchisar valley  in 360 degrees. The highest point in the hill was where a Turkey flag affixed onto a pole.  It was spectacular and utterly beautiful landscape of  valley with a mountain known as Mount Enlyes as a backdrop.  It is worth a visit to this place,  it is not recommended in any of the virtual travel and if you happen to be in Goreme, just make a short visit to see this gorgeous place.

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