Fairy Chimney, Dervent Valley

IMG_353.18 IMG_3487.1

Devrent Valley is spelled as Dervent Valley.  Dervent valley is also known as Imaginary Valley or Pink Valley. it doesn’t have any cave churches, or Roman castles or tombs in this valley.  In fact, this valley was not inhabited, it is frame for the The Lunar Landscape.


Devvent Valley  have many rocks formations and it is about 10 minutes drive from Goreme. We took a taxi from Goreme Open Air Museum to here, it cost us only 35.00 TL and the driver will sent us back to our hotel at 25.00 Tl.  With 1 and half hours to see and explore this valley in dusk.

IMG_3505.1 IMG_3506.1

To be able to see this gorgeous valley in dusk is cool, the sunset enhanced the valley and it is spectacular, breathtaking fairy chimney valley. The small fairy chimneys in the valley form a lunar landscape or moonscape by their strange rock formation.

IMG_3507.1 IMG_3508.1

The valley also has many animal shaped rocks  and it like nature sculptures  standing in their glorious new forms. There are lot of animals shaped rocks in this valley, take a time and let your imagination run loose and will see animals shapes such as camel, seals and dolphin.

IMG_3511.1 IMG_3514.1

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at this valley and at dusk the weather around here is much cooler than in midday which is hot and oppressive in the summer . We were totally exhausted from our day trekking and ready for our dinner.  Tonight my son and husband wanted to try the Turkey cuisine but I had a go with Korean dishes. The food cost around 120 Tl for 3 of us, we enjoyed the beautiful cooked meal.

IMG_3519.1 IMG_3530.1

We have booked for hot air balloon and safari trips for tomorrow.  it will be a full day outing for us tomorrow as we need to awake at 4.00 a.m. in the morning for the hot air balloons trip. All my exciting trips will be in my next post. We got a good rate for our hot air balloon trip at 100.00 Euro per person which normally the hotel can arrange this service for their guests at 150.00 Euro per person.  As for our Safari  trip is 35.00 euro per person instead of 50.00 euro per person.  It is best to source  all these additional trips with the tour companies in town, we are able to bargain for special rates than the hotel come with fixed rate.

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