Love Valley, Cappadocia

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We missed our hot air balloon trip, due to bad weather. The tour agent sent a truck to pick us up from our hotel to go for our Jeep Safari Tour. One of the most exciting adventures in Cappadocia is exploring the region in an off-road vehicle. The jeep safari tour offers a open-top jeep vehicle for unobstructed views of the valleys, churches and other cultural highlights. We have been taken to the hard-to-find places and away from the crowds for spectacular views and the excitement of traveling off-road in the unique

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This trip starts either around 10:00 in the morning or 14:00 in the afternoon and takes about 4 hours.  Our adventure trip by driving from Goreme to Cavusin via Love Valley. We will have couple picture stops on the way.

IMG_3637.1 IMG_3632.1 IMG_3629.1 IMG_3623.1

When we reached the top of the mountains at Cavusin, it was raining, lighting and thunderstorm roaring around us.  At this stop we didn’t stay long to take photos due to the weather.  It is utterly exhilarating to see the gorgeous, rugged beauty of Cavusin where we are unable to access up to the top of the mountains.

IMG_3614.1 IMG_3610.1 IMG_3608.1 IMG_3603.1

We came to Love Valley and the weather totally changed and it is sunny again. So the driver stop and let us roam around the valley  to take some photos. He drove us to a special holy place where in Roman times it was use for summer/ winter solstice culture. It is scared and pillars are carved with symbols and teachings of Islam. Unable to find any record for this scared place as the driver simply can speak few English and let us know what this place is.

IMG_3595.1 IMG_3590.1 IMG_3584.1


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